Monday, January 3, 2011

Tunisian Coffee

I love coffee , it encourages my brain to co-orperate in the mornings and it is just pretty darn amazing. In tunisia they also love coffee, which is great, I accompanied my tunisian family to grab a morning coffee and we were at the cafe for over 3 hours.

Tunisian coffee drinkers are just a very social bunch, cafes are always filled with loads of people talking, laughing and smoking. I am currently searching for the perfect local coffee shop and have found the staff in every cafe to be very welcoming (Brunswick cafes could take note).

This was a decorated coffee that we got at our favourite cafe,
the waiter is sweet on a friend!

Although they don't really do take away coffees, well, you can get a coffee to go but it comes in a flimsy plastic cup similar to that which cordial comes in at a kids party. I might try and order on soon, just so I can send a picture to the excellent coffee and book reviewer bean there, read that

Also there are mens cafes, which have lines of chairs facing the street so the men can ogle the ladies who pass by. I also need to share a picture of that!!

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