Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tunisia continues to be in a state of unrest. The speaker of Parliament Foued Mebazaa has now taken over the role of interim President amid new bouts of violence.

A sense of community and pride is shining through the violence with neighbourhoods coming together to protect their families and possessions, from the violent gangs. Men stand on suburban street corners with found weapons of wood and rock, not to cause trouble, but rather protect what is loved.

Nearly 50 people have reportedly been killed after a large prison fire in Monastir, and vandalism and looting continues in central Tunis. 

Mr Mebazaa has called for a national unity government to be created with the guidance of Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi. He has stated "All Tunisians without exception and exclusion must be associated in the political process,". 

The general consensus is that too much has been sacrificed, including young lives, for the chance of a democratic future to slip through their fingers.

Change is wanted and change is needed. 

Tunisia please, you are making it difficult for me to love you!

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