Monday, January 10, 2011

Harry New Year!

To welcome in the new year we decided it was about time we ventured to the cinema. Although I love the movies, it appears there are not a great deal of Tunisian film goers. Don't get me wrong there are quite a number of cinemas around Tunis, but from the people I've talked to it is not hugely popular.

It also appeared to be near impossible to find movie listings and session times, so when we happened to stumble across a cinema in La Marsa that was showing my man Harry Potter we figured it was fate.

The film was dubbed into french which was interesting*^, but besides that, it was very nice to be back in the dark visiting my imaginary friends.

* Because i don't speak french
^ Also due to the dubbing, french Voldemort is super scary but french Ron is still hubba hubba!!  


  1. ohlala wonwon tu est trop sexy ah! mais non!'est un homme sans nez il va nous tuer!! ahh ooh eee...mais non, ce n'est que ralph fiennes. (j'imagine que les cuisses de ron sont trop bien en francais) ello 'arry, je m'appelle hagrid, je suis tres grand avec une barbe spectaculaire. mais je suis un peu bete aussi.
    moi je suis harry, je suis toujours la pour sauver la vie et parler sans ouvrir la bouche. je suis trouble(avec un accent sur le 'e')

  2. oops. that was french harry potter vomit. sorry! but i made myself laugh...