Monday, January 31, 2011

Cafe de Flore

I decided it was about time I went to a lonely planet approved cafe. My choice was the 1880's cafe, Cafe de Flore where "Sartre and de Beauvoir essentially set up office, writing in its warmth during the Nazi occupation" (thanks guide book).

Cafe de Flore!

I was warned the prices were "lofty", however I was pleasantly suprised. For 5.50 euro I received a cup with a jug of coffee and a jug of hot milk which turned into at least 2 cafe cremes! Success...

My Cafe Creme

Cafe de Flore also receives extra points because of the helpful staff. When I ordered with my terrible french the waiter didn't immediately answer in english, instead responded with slow and clear french leaving me feeling a little less like a tourist. However when the man sitting next to me tried to have a conversation, this feeling passed pretty quickly...

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