Friday, October 29, 2010

Super Smart Casting

A film adaption of broadway play Farragut North is in the works, which on it's own is not the most exciting news. It tells the story of a rising politico star who gets a crash course on the ugly side of politics. 

However, the film is to be directed and feature the one and only Mr George Clonney and is to star the amazing Ryan Gosling... talk about perfection.

And the rest of the casting isn't too crummy either with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood rounding out the list.

The film will be renamed The Ides of March and will begin production early next year. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is Animal Kingdom Oscar Worthy??

Whilst on the topic of Animal Kingdom I thought I would share a section of a post I stumbled across visiting the Vanity Fair website. John Lopez's piece entitled 'Let the 2010 Oscar Season Begin!' details who he thinks are possible nominees for 2011 Oscars, mentioning people like Jeff Bridges, Natalie Portman and Annette Bening he then goes on to say this : "We’ll go out on a limb and strongly recommend that Academy members pop in their Animal Kingdom screener to check out Jacki Weaver. The longtime, little-known actress gives a brilliantly reptilian performance, one that will be remembered for years by cinema enthusiasts regardless of whether or not it gets an award. If anyone deserves an Oscar nom, it’s Weaver—she could be this year’s Christoph Waltz."

Although Australian films don't often get a fair look internationally, Animal Kingdom could be one of the few who do. Shine put Geoffrey Rush on the map stateside, can Animal Kingdom do the same for Jacki Weaver?? Or even Ben Mendelsohn? Who has built a successful career at home but has never really been welcomed abroad. 

Whatever the case I just hope Australia can step up as a serious contender in the film industry. Too bad we didn't get the Hobbit.. nuts.

I also love that Jacki Weaver is a 'little-known actress', with a career spanning over 5 decades that must make her smile.

2010 AFI Awards

The nominees are out for the 2010 Samsung Mobile AFI Awards and Animal Kingdom has dominated with 18 nominations.

The crime thriller has secured at least one nomination in every eligible category, and even taking 3 of the 4 nominations in best supporting actor.

If you are yet to see this film RENT IT NOW!!! Ben Mendelsohn is amazing, crazy but amazing.

The full list of nominee is available one their website : 

Awards season has arrived and i love it!

What Famous taught me this week:

Famous is by far the best weekly trashy. Recently stealing this crown from NW, which lost my love after it changed its size and layout. Each week Famous covers the most important celebrity rumours and assists higher education. 

This week it taught me:

  • 6 kids is not enough.
  • I can finally get dimple implants! Yay!
  • Dimple implants cost roughly $3000 - $5000.
  • Daniel Craig is hilarious and rocks a dirty mo like no other.
  • I forgot to buy my tickets to the Ryan Gosling gun show.
  • I don't like orange lipstick or leather shorts.
  • As much as I try I can't keep up with the Kardashians
  • Mickey Rourkes face seems to be improving.
  • I don't care for any variety of X-Factor.
  • and I hate girl Brooklyn.

Thanks Famous!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vinnie Patterson!!!!

I hear that Cinema Nova have another Meet the Filmmaker Event on the way. This time it is the one and only Vinnie from Home & Away fame, promoting his new film Red Hill.

Will definitely be there for this one.

For Information on these events follow the link:

Vinnie also goes by the name Ryan Kwanten, and some people may know him from True Blood.

Stealing Coda

Summer Coda tells the story of Heidi (Rachel Taylor) who returns to Australia after being raised stateside to attend the funeral of the father she never really knew. On the way she meets a friendly orange farmer Michael (Alex Dimitriades) and his joyful employees where love and laughter brings welcome relief. 

The film was set and shot in Mildura, where the landscapes and sunsets were used to great effect to compliment the romanticised life of orange picking. I get the impression that Writer and Director Richard Gray had seen and enjoyed Bertoluccis Stealing Beauty a few times. There were lovely moments in this film mainly around the orange picking crew, the humorous banter was wonderful, however I didn't really believe the love between the two leads and this caused the film to drag.

I was saw this film at one of Cinema Nova's Meet the Filmmaker events, where after the film, Richard Gray, Alex Dimitriades and actor Angus Sampson where on hand to answer questions. These events are always great as it allows for a closer look into film making process.

Overall this film is enjoyable, nothing special, but enjoyable. It also made me want to summer in Mildura and maybe that was the point.

Also one last thing, the name Heidi was a mistake as it makes me think of another independent Australian film, Somersault. And Summer Coda is not as good as that.

2011 Luke Perry Calendar

                                                    Image From

I was recently shown a wonderful picture gallery of Luke Perry at Dragon Con (a sci-fi/fantasy convention) posing with fans.

The look on his face is just classic.. I love these fans!!

Do yourself a favour and check these out.

Easy A

Every once in a while a fabulous teen flick graces our screens, we have seen the hilarious Drop Dead Gorgeous, Mean Girls, She's the Man and recently 17 Again. Like many teen films before Easy A is a reinvention of a classic tale, in this case The Scarlett Letter, it centres around teenage Olive (Emma Stone), who concocts a lie and then embraces it once spreading through the school like wildfire.

The reason this film is so enjoyable is due to the wonderful cast and fresh and witty script. Not only is Emma Stone a wonderful comedic leading lady but the presence of a who's who supporting cast including Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson, Lisa Kudrow, Brooklyn Dan and the amazing Amanda Bynes leave it a cut above the rest. The script is clever and makes for laugh out loud cinema fun.

I don't have any other way to convince you to see this film except if you have enjoyed any of the films I mentioned earlier you must see this film. You wont regret it!

Although I have been singing I've got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine for a few weeks now and I kind of regret that...

Eat, Pray, Bored

I must admit to the dismay of my sister I loved the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. The idea of escaping a mundane life and taking an around the world trip of self discovery is a very inviting idea to me. So you can imagine my delight when hearing this book was to be adapter into a film, starring rom-com queen Julia Roberts and spanish heart throb Javier Bardem.

The premise of the story (for those who live under a house of rocks) is 30 something Liz leaves two unhappy relationships behind to travel abroad to find food, faith, love and herself. This story had box office gold slapped across it, however somehow I was left utterly disappointed.

The Italian food sequences had my interest however after Italy then came India, Indonesia and I I I just didn't care for the selfish and irrational behaviour of the leading lady. This film in my opinion faltered due to its desire to please the fans of the novel, everything was touch on which didn't really allow for scene or even character development. One minute she was in love and the next inexplicably out of it, having read the book i could fill in the gaps but my cinema companion had not and was left confused and uninterested by a simple subject matter.

So in my views, don't waste the $15 dollars instead by the book and let your imagination play out the story for you. Sorry Julia.