Friday, January 13, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

After 3 long years Wes Anderson is back and i'm freakin' out!

Moonrise Kingdom, written by Anderson and Roman Coppola featuring most of their usual players, tells the tale of young love in the 60's. After the lovers run away together various factions of the town join together to bring them home.

Moonrise Kingdom appears to have everthing you would expect from a Wes Anderson movie: a sufficiently bizarre plot, a wonderfully bizarre cast and bizarro hispter music! So you better not let me down Wes.
I am already slightly disapointed not to see a Wilson brother and Angelica Huston. Although Tilda Swinton is in and he's my favourite actor!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hugo, really?

I am very much looking forward to Hugo. However I was slightly disappointed when I saw the current preview on tv tonight. Don't get me wrong the movie looks great, I'm just not loving the recycling of this drama inducing piece of music. I already bitched about this early last year so i'll keep it short,

The Fighter, The Adjustment Bureau, Mildred Pierce and now Hugo

Stop using this song, got it!

This is what I had to say last year:


Please do me a favour and watch the three previews below.

There is something about them that has been bugging me.

The Fighter: Paramount/Relativity Media/Mandeville Films - 2010

The Adjustment Bureau: Universal/MRC - 2010

Mildred Pierce: HBO - 2011

I am a lover of movie previews, I can spend hours engrossed in them. I was intrigued to discover that the same piece of music had been used in three prominent releases over a span of 10 months. These three films all received large amounts of publicity and where expected to have successful releases, so why choose the same music?

I have a few theories.

1. It is a great piece of music.

This piece of music, which remains nameless due to the internet being difficult, is perfect for previews.  Not only is it dramatic, but the rhythm pulls you in the story and somehow made me feel like something unjust was taking place. It may just be me, as I am a sucker for string instruments, but I wanted to care about this characters.

2. It makes things familiar, so it's easier to connect.

Unlike a popular song this piece of music is not instantly recognised. The preview for The Adjustment Bureau was released first in May 2010 and it instantly stood out to me, by the time The Fighter preview came along in September, I couldn't automatically connect the two. However I do remember watching it repeatedly and feeling a sense of familiarity, I put it down to The Fighter being a great film but now i'm not too sure. I think they wanted me to think that.

After the success of The Fighter at the box office and during awards season, I think the people behind Mildred Pierce decided to stick with a good think. By using the same music it gives the impression that their film is of the same class, a winner!

It is a risk, as you don't want to associate your film with a stinker, however it is possible that instrumental music it is subtle enough to go unnoticed by the majority of viewers.

3. It was purely accidental.

This speaks for itself. It is possible that all the parties involved stumbled across the music and simply thought it was nice. Maybe they don't like watching other companies previews and didn't notice the repetition.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The lazy blogger's guide to the new year

It has been over 2 months since I updated this blog; I know I hear you, why?           errr.... I'm just lazy
But never fear 10 followers  I am back and ready to upate!!

Nothing super exciting has happened over the time lapse, I went to a music festival, saw a few movies, reread an amazing young adult novel series and took part in some impressive over eating at Christmas.

Due to this less than impressive past few months I contemplated making New Year’s resolutions, to maybe eat less, drink less, move more, do more. However when the clock struck 2012 I remembered who I am (a lazy person) and why this idea would simply lead to early New Year disappointment (I was both over eating and over drinking at midnight). Instead I am going to make a early January resolution: I resolve to tone down the lazy and maybe even update this blog at least once a week or at least once a month.

Let's try shall we.