Friday, January 28, 2011

Ben's Cookies

So, although I did live in the UK for a year after school, I had never had the pleasure of tasting Ben's Cookies.

Last year there was much talk of Ben and his cookies when a friends of mine ( an award winning baker might I add!) was talking about going into the baking business. She loves Ben, and thinks his cookies are grand.

I however, was disappinted..

I think the problem was I ordered badly, I couldn't decide so made a rash decision I regreted immediately. I went for the peanut butter cookie as when done well these are amazing, however this one tasted of butter and not much peanut.

There was also a really annoying person in front of me, who spent ages umming and ahhing before finally asking for a discount because she was wearing a tiara?!?

I feel I should give them another shot, but this time must order chocolate.

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