Wednesday, August 18, 2010

25 Questions

In recent weeks I have become slightly obsessed with Mike Ryan's 25 Questions on the Vanity Fair website.. must read! Hilarity awaits

Movies Movies Movies

In the last 4 days I have been to the movies a total of 3 times. Some people would call this obsessive, however i think it is sensible. It's cold outside and there is an election this week which means anywhere you go you are bored and shivering, that is everywhere but the movies!!

My main issue this week was not to do with the films I have seen, but rather with an important part of any cinema expedition the choc top! Intense research was needed.

My main cinema hangout has recently decided to rethink the flavours of choc tops but the choices left my friends and I confused. Although Cherry Ripe had turned into a classic, I am forever baffled at why they continue to over supply Cinnamon? I have never seen someone order it and it is always the only flavour left for a late night movie?? The Rocky Road doesn't even have marshmallows in it, so it's really just chocolate with nuts and I still don't understand why they are ignoring the obvious choice of peppermint? Also why isn't there chocolate in the bottom of the cone?

Very disappointed...