Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is Animal Kingdom Oscar Worthy??

Whilst on the topic of Animal Kingdom I thought I would share a section of a post I stumbled across visiting the Vanity Fair website. John Lopez's piece entitled 'Let the 2010 Oscar Season Begin!' details who he thinks are possible nominees for 2011 Oscars, mentioning people like Jeff Bridges, Natalie Portman and Annette Bening he then goes on to say this : "We’ll go out on a limb and strongly recommend that Academy members pop in their Animal Kingdom screener to check out Jacki Weaver. The longtime, little-known actress gives a brilliantly reptilian performance, one that will be remembered for years by cinema enthusiasts regardless of whether or not it gets an award. If anyone deserves an Oscar nom, it’s Weaver—she could be this year’s Christoph Waltz."

Although Australian films don't often get a fair look internationally, Animal Kingdom could be one of the few who do. Shine put Geoffrey Rush on the map stateside, can Animal Kingdom do the same for Jacki Weaver?? Or even Ben Mendelsohn? Who has built a successful career at home but has never really been welcomed abroad. 

Whatever the case I just hope Australia can step up as a serious contender in the film industry. Too bad we didn't get the Hobbit.. nuts.

I also love that Jacki Weaver is a 'little-known actress', with a career spanning over 5 decades that must make her smile.

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