Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sydney, I love you?

Apparently it has been announced that they are putting together Sydney, I Love You. I say apparently because I sincerely hope this isn't true.

I loved Paris, Je t'aime, I watched New York, I love you but Sydney... really?

Paris worked so well because it was an original idea compiled in a uncomplicated way, New York did not work as they complicated the formula and added some of that 'hollywood' poison. I can only imagine that Sydney will be inundated with Erinsborough and Summer Bay residents, and well that speaks for itself.

John Polson announced that he will produce the film alongside Gary Hamilton. The film is slated for a early 2012 production.

This section of Paris je t'aime is the bees knees and all other films simply fall short...

This one makes me smile too...

With all that said, Sydney, I love you may very well be utterly enjoyable. Australia definitely has the talent and Sydney's ok I guess.

It's just I can't help but think, I love Melbourne more.

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