Sunday, June 5, 2011

Top 5 Cinematic Royals

Even though Royal Wedding fever has calmed down for the time being, after spending far too long job hunting I'm starting to think maybe a royal life is what I need.

There are many wonderful cinematic examples of the exciting and sometimes dangerous life of a royal. Disney love the royals, cartoon or live action they don't discriminate. History is packed with them too, but who is the greatest most powerful movie royal of all time!!!

So here we go, my favourite movie royals and why they are so very grand!

5: Philippe - The Man In The Iron Mask (1998) - Philippe was born the unlucky identical twin of King Louis XIV who spent many years imprisoned with nothing but an iron mask.

This is a hugely under appreciated film, not only does it have an amazing cast (Irons and Depardieu to name a few) but it also manages to combine humour, sex and suicide with the pretty boy looks of Dicaprio to make a late nineties masterpiece.

And for a little bit of trivia - This film won Leonardo DiCaprio a Razzie for worst screen couple. He played both parts of this couple... now that's a pretty good effort!

4: Ariel - The Little Mermaid (1989) - This is my favourite Disney cartoon ever. She sings, she swims, she brushes her hair with a fork.

Whilst already being the daughter of King Triton she manages to bag herself a Prince, who happens to be the best looking cartoon Prince. Eric hubba hubba!!

3: Strider/ Aragorn/ King Elessar Telcontar - Lord of The Rings (2001) -

Whatever you call him, it's all good!
2: Princess Ann - Roman Holiday (1953)

- Everyone at some stage has wanted to leave all their commitments behind and escape through Rome on a vespa with a handsome newspaper man.

Getting a haircut, eating ice cream and hanging with Gregory Peck all in the life of a run away Princess.

Sign me up please...

1: The Prince of Persia (2010) - Although not born of royal blood Prince Dastan proves he is more than capable of rising from the streets to take this crown. Not only is his gun show the hottest ticket in town but his parkour is so hardcore I can't take my eyes of him!!

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