Thursday, June 23, 2011


An hour long train ride can be rather tedious. I normally keep myself occupied by listening to music or other peoples conversations, today however I'm going go be one of those people who read.

My first start is the MX and I must say I'm particularly impressed. As today they put this on the front page

There was also an article about RRR's Community Cup but I was slightly distracted by Dan Sultan's beautiful face.

The MX also told me where to find Melbourne's best job. Here I could enjoy free beer and an xbox room! It sound alright I guess.

Luckily I now also know that if someone spits on you via twitter you have been spweeted! Who knew?!

Now onto my book!

Argh... Reading in movement is too hard. Glass family you will have to wait, the Glee soundtrack is calling me.

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