Sunday, April 10, 2011


Australia has always made great independent films, although they don't tend to bring in the masses. That is until recently.

After the success of Animal Kingdom and Samson and Delilah people are starting to take note. More risks are being taken and the public are thanking them with bums in seats.

The latest Australian film to grap my attention is Snowtown. Based on the horrific South Australian murders, the look and feel of the film is reminiscent of Chopper and Animal Kingdom.

Snowtown is a sophisticated character drama with an engaging yet horrific twist. In this chilling and compelling true story, we go behind the headlines and experience one of the darkest chapters in Australia’s modern history, a gruesome series of murders known as ‘the bodies in the barrels’. Australian filmmakers have a rich history of creating socially relevant cinema based on true-life crimes, as in The Boys, or larger-than-life criminals, as in Chopper, and Snowtown continues in this vein,” said Ruth Harley, Chief Executive of Screen Australia.

Snowtown looks terrifying, if advertised well, this film will do very well and undoubtably propel the actors careers.

I wouldn't be surprised if Cinema Nova have a Meet the Filmmaker Q&A for this one!!

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