Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

Don't you hate it when you are told it is going to be a beautiful day, so you wear a t-shirt, but then the heavens open and you are left cold and disappointed. The Adjustment Bureau is a little like the Bureau of Meteorology.

The Adjustment Bureau was billed as 'Bourne meets Inception' full of action, suspense and intelligence, but really it's a predictable hollywood love story.  

On the eve of his greatest loss, up and coming politician David Norris (Matt Damon) encounters a beautiful and elusive woman. She consoles him and tells him to be honest and he will recover, they kiss and then she leaves. Later he is catching the bus to work and who should he run into but this very woman, this time they exchange names and numbers. But because of this everything changes... As this meeting was never meant to happen. Norris has gone off plan. Norris is quickly visited by the adjustment bureau, a group of hat wearing men who control the paths of all mankind, and he is informed he must stay away from Elise (Emily Blunt) or risk a lobotomy.

Now, the cast was top notch including the ever dashing Roger Stirling and the ideas behind The Adjustment Bureau were really quite interesting, fate vs will, love vs success. If this film had been made in Europe I think it would have been amazing. Maybe I should commission a darker German version? Daniel Bruhl or Michael Fassbender could star...

But anyway,

Even with the beautiful cast and snazzy ideas, The Adjustment Bureau left me cold and disappointed. 


  1. I saw an interview with Emily Blunt about this movie, and she said that during the filming of one outdoor scene they had a massive crowd of onlookers. And she and Matt Damon were having to get really intense and it was all dead silent while they got in the zone. And someone in the crowd suddenly yelled out "Matt Damon" in a Southpark voice. Apparently Matt Damon completely lost it and couldn't stop laughing.

    So I really want to go see this movie, just so I can see if I can pick which scene it was. Hilarious!

  2. A little bureau of meteorology. That's a wonderful play on words! You must be related to me.

  3. i mustn't have got past the pun when i first read this because i totally missed you talking about my bf mr bruhl. can you please make this film with him in it because i will play the lady ok?

    p.s. my word verification word was strapp. quite german methinks.