Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Adventures!!

On Christmas day we hopped back on the bus and headed to the town of Tozeur. On the way we stopped at Chott El-Jerid a humongous salt lake that covers almost 5000sq km, this is quite a spectacular sight especially as the sun plays with the salts reflections (it was also a location for the first Star Wars film).

We tried to get into the Christmas spirit...

But we are easily distracted!

Next stop was the town of Tozeur where we stopped for a coffee break and managed to make some new friends! The coffee shop we found was fantastic, we ordered a coke and 3 coffees so the waiter went up the street to another coffee shop and got the items . The waiter from the other coffee shop even walked down to give them to us the coffees once ready...

Ah Tunisia..

Our new friend!
After checking in to our hotel, we then ventured out in four wheel drives. First stop was Tamerza, once a  walled town this is one of the most photogenic villages in Tunisia ( at least that's what my lonely planet says!!). Set to a backdrop of rugged mountain rangers this town is also home to beautiful natural springs and is definitely one of the top 30 old villages of all time, anyway, at least. 

View from the village

Where the spring meets the mountains

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  1. oh! beautiful! wish you were here!

    (i'm jealous)