Monday, December 27, 2010

Douz - Part 1 The Camels

It takes roughly 8 hours from Tunis to Douz, so our first day was entirely on road. After leaving mid afternoon we arrived at our hotel hungry and pooped. There was a disappointing buffet, some wedding crashing and a brief poolside sing-a-long about gravy before everyone headed for bed.

A 6am wake up call was to ensure we were all ready for our sunrise camel ride, although we were running late as usual and the sun appeared to be already up. After choosing a camel we heading into the desert and witnessed the sun emerging from the never-ending hills of sand. It was beautiful and left us all feeling pretty darn special!

The ride lasted a little over an hour with a brief touristic photo break in the middle. We are becoming terrific tourists posing for photos at every opportunity. During the stop I really embraced my inner Arabian Princess ( My Prince of Persia will be proud, don't you just love my Jasmine pants???).

There was a guide to every couple of camels to ensure we didn't fall off or start racing through the desert. Our guide sang bizarre songs the entire way and was kind enough to wrap our scarfs the traditional way. The ride was so much fun and a terrific start to our action packed trip to the South.

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