Saturday, July 7, 2012

dance me to the end of love

The Daily Life is proving to be one of my favourite internet spots. It is an eclectic mix of pop culture, food and odd topics; much like my brain. Todays oddities were Liz Lemon and Troy Barnes rapping and more importantly a top 20 list of movie dance madness!

I love dancing. Choreographed, drunken, I love it all.

The list was pretty good, covering the expected dirty dancing etc. If you are interested to know what they think click here...

More importantly, here are my top 5 cinematic dance moments:

5. Mary Poppins - Step in Time

Mary Poppins would have to be one of the best musicals ever. Wonderful accents, ceiling tea parties and pigeons. Could you ask for anything more? Yes! rooftop dancing. Kick your knees up, step in time!

4. Nice moves Potter.

I love Harry Potter. I love this scene.

        I love his dancing the most.

3. Grease 2 - We're Gonna Score Tonight

What can I say, this movie is amazing.

2. Romy & Michelle

For my 10 year high school reunion I intend to behave like Heather and dance like this.

                                            And now drumroll please......

                                  my number one best movie dance scene ever is

1. Toy Story 3

This is how you finish a movie.

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