Thursday, May 24, 2012

Girls gossip, broke and new.

Stop the press! In 2011 Kristen Wiig proved that women can be funny and since then we have seen women take over the small screen. At the end of last year we meet a kooky new and 2 broke girls but this year everyone is just talking about Girls. Girls is a new HBO show from up-and-coming writer/director/actor Lena Dunham, which is being hailed as Sex & The recession City.

After four episodes I am not overly impressed by Girls. I think I understand what they are trying to do, as I too am a girl in my mid twenties who two years since graduating university is still just floating and occasionally accepting money from my parents to pay the rent. I get it, Life’s hard for educated white middle class Gen Yer’s. We have all been told we can do whatever we dream of so we never really settle on one thing, we jump from one idea to the next whether it be about employment, housing or men.

What erks me about Girls isn’t the idea or story but rather the easy road it appears to be taking. It is as if some marketing genius said ‘yeah I love it, it’s 4 girls like Sex & the City, its crass like Bridesmaids so let’s just add some stereotypically hipster bullshit and I think we have a winner’. Yes that’s what I hate about Girls, the hipster bullshit. The show looks as if it was shot through instagram as all the colours are muted to make it seem serious, seriously douchy. 
I get the impression they think they are making something really edgy and that bugs me too. The girls talk about abortions, cruel boys and sexual disappointments but everything is handled in such an american way* that I'm left feeling like I've seen it before.

Oh and what it the obsession with cupcakes and hipsters??? In 2 Broke Girls the super quirky Kat Dennings wants to make a career out of them and here, first episode in, Hannah just must have a cupcake for breakfast whilst taking a morning bath (also who takes a morning bath). I love cupcakes but AHHHHHHHH

But with all that said, I know I will keep watching because I really want to like this show. Maybe that’s what they are banking on.

* 'An american way' means they don't really tackle the issue and yes it is an insult. 

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  1. hipster, click here:

    shall also have it be known that i am still thoroughly enjoying gossip girl. it is highly ridiculous. but i wonder if dan and his ego might not actually one day run into hannah and her friends at max and caroline's cafe because he's buying cupcakes for his dad, whose jumpigans are all in the wash and ... and ... maybe zooey will sing a song about it?