Friday, March 30, 2012

IMAX Melbourne I love you almost as much as I love Titanic

Until moments ago I was very cross with IMAX Melbourne.

Due to some scheduling issues it looked like I was going to miss out on seeing my favourite doomed lovers on a 7 storey screen. That was until 3.31 this afternoon when I received this life changing* email:

From: IMAX Duty Managers <>
Date: 30 March 2012 3:31:57 PM AEDT
To: Me>
Subject: Titanic 3D @ IMAX Melbourne

I’m emailing today with an update following your enquiry about Titanic 3D.

Due to the overwhelming interest showed through email and phone contact, we re-negotiated our release schedule to reach an agreement with Twentieth Century Fox. This agreement will see IMAX Melbourne Museum screening Titanic 3D in all our 7 storey glory as of April 5th.
We would like to thank you for taking the time to inquire about seeing Titanic 3D on the worlds (3rd) largest screen and look forward to seeing you here, ‘ready to go back to Titanic’!
Tickets are on sale now with online bookings available at
If you had any further questions or queries feel free to email me back,
Kind regards,
Duty Manager
IMAX Melbourne
Museum Victoria
GPO Box 666
Melbourne VIC 3001
Telephone +61 3 8341 7488
Facsimile +61 3 9663 0300

So everyone rejoice, for everything is now right in the world!

*Ok I realise I am a little over excited about this news (but I really love Titanic) and at least my friends will be happy that I will finally stop whingeing about it.

and yes I did email IMAX to complain... You are welcome


  1. I've taken my class to see films at IMAX but it has never entered my head to see a film there. will definitely be adding it to my to do list.

    1. It is the only place to see 3D movies. You must go!