Monday, May 16, 2011

Something Gossiped

I love trashy rom-coms and to say I am a little excited to see Something Borrowed is a bit of an understatement, the only problem is finding someone to see it with. It has been getting some pretty terrible reviews and is not really hipster enough for my snobby north-of-the-river friends.

However I think I may have found a review to swing their votes...

"Something Borrowed is so fluffy that the film is more like an extra long episode of Gossip Girl than a realistic portrayal of love and friendship."

I realise this was meant to be an insult but actually, to those in the know, this is the ultimate compliment. If only Blan were in it too.

and yes I am quoting Popsugar!


  1. Blan?? As in Blair and Dan? Think I still prefer Buck. (Chair?)

    But I REALLY want to see this daggy daggy movie too La, so if you need some company still, let me know. :)