Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today I am in Paris, tomorrow I move to Tunis* to commence a 8 week university exchange program. Because of this I don't know how many movie/media/gossip stories I will have in the following weeks, I may just start making things up. I know i'm going to miss my trashy magazines and going cold turkey with my television addiction could prove problematic. But never the less it is going to be an experience and i'm sure i'll have tales to tell.

So far I have seen this - 

And I also watched The Fugitive last night. Super great movie!!! Even though it was dubbed in french, you could still follow. Harrison Ford must be a universal language. 

* Tunis is the capital of Tunis. Which is located in northern africa just below Italy. You could probably swim from one to the other if you had a crazy gelato craving...


  1. also, check your spelling. paris or pairs?

    you can delete this message if you want to...

  2. pairs is what the french call it. geez....