Saturday, December 15, 2012


I can't wait to be Dancing in the Dark at hanging rock which is basically a Secret Garden on Holy Ground. I mean he was Born in the USA and I was Born to Run there are no Better Days. I might take the Backstreets in a Stolen Car and wear a Brilliant Disguise. He will be a Local Hero in My Hometown.

 Oh Glory Days, We are Alive!

It is possible I am a tad too excited...

things are looking up

I've been a little down recently due to how quickly this year has disappeared and my lack of enthusiasm for anything in particular. However in recent days a number of things have provoked excitement for 2013!

(**SPOILER** they are movie related)

I love me some action movies. Cowboys, aliens, zombies, Bruce Willis, good, bad, I don't care. I recently rented Battleship and I am not ashamed to admit that I frickin' loved it.

So you can imagine my excitement when this was released last week.


The dramatic music and the ominous voice over, combined with screaming and the return of Chris Pine and his disproportionately large head, leaves me salivating for more.

That was until this came along....


Trying to make a Superman that can be taken seriously is a terrific plan. Casting a handsome beardy weirdy in the title role, genius.  

I'm pretty sure I also spotted Rusty Crowe, so my ticket is already purchased.

Well, that was my thinking until this appeared.


This gem appears to combine the likes of Jurassic Park, Iron Man and Prometheus into one giant ball of awesome.

Idris Elba, you just cancelled my apocalypse.